I found myself ascending a difficult mountain trail last weekend with the anticipation the top would payoff with a worth while view. After a few miles, I began to descend a ridge, still hopeful of another ascent. This trail was new and its destination unknown.

Roughly three miles into my hike of several ups and downs I realize this trail did not have the payoff I was hoping for. There was no clear view at the top. There was no “top”.

How often in our business practices do we find ourselves determined to find the payoff at any cost? What if that payoff is in fact something other than what we imagined. While a mountain top view is alluring and attractive, was this trail not also worthwhile of my time.

I calmed my breathing. I took in the sounds, sights, and path. I found worth in the climb itself.

As you make your way through your week and find your hard climb leads to a quick decent, do not be disheartened. Sometimes the payoff is in the journey of a path less traveled and not at the top.

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